"Ukraine Exists" Exibit

Ukrainian Exits

The formal opening of a multi-media art exhibit "Ukraine Exists" took place on January 31, 2016 at the Ukrainian American Cultural Center in Whippany, New Jersey. The event was co-sponsored by the UNWLA's Regional Council of New Jersey with the Self Reliance UA Federal Credit Union.

Exhibited works, prepared by young artists from different regions of Ukraine, focus on significant political issues that are relevant in Ukraine today, with an emphasis on the Maidan. Definitely worth seeing, but hurry because the exhibit will end its run in Whippany on February 15, moving next to Chicago.

Ksenia Rakowsky

President of the UNWLA Regional Council of New Jersey.

O Rokowsky

Save the Date!

Over 40 years ago, the UNWLA had a vision of establishing a Ukrainian museum.  The dream was realized.

This year The Ukrainian Museum is celebrating its 40th anniversary of its founding. Please save the date, Sunday, April 17, 2016, from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, for a celebratory anniversary lunch to be held at the Tavern on the Green Restaurant in New York City.  More information will be forthcoming, so please watch for it. 

UM 40th

Adopt a Family” Program

UNWLA Branch 75 in New Jersey has adopted the Zviridenko family through the UNWLA “Adopt a Family” program. 

Adio a Family

“Today we had a Skype session with Vadym Sviredenko’s wife and two daughters.  Each one of us introduced ourselves to her and talked a bit about the work of the UNWLA.  We saw the little girls and the older girl and her cousin recited some poems to us and were a joy to watch.  Attached is a picture of Vadym and three other recovering Ukrainian soldiers.  Vadym, whose family we have ‘adopted” is the first man (standing) on your left.  He is still undergoing therapy to learn how to use his prosthetic arms and legs.  The picture was taken at Walter Reed Hospital with a group of our young Ukrainian-Americans who visited with them and “zakoliaduvaly”.  In the picture you will probably recognize Roma Hadzewych’s and Chrystia Demidowich’s sons who helped make that visit possible.”

Nadia Nynka

Shipments to Ukraine

UNWLA has been responsible for sending medical shipments acquired by Dr.  Fuzaylov (free of charge) from Boston Hospitals to Hospital #8 in Lviv. Upon the suggestion of Dr. Ulana Suprun, MD, Patriot Defense Instructor, and Director of Humanitarian Initiatives at the Ukrainian World Congress, we have most recently sent a medical shipment to #17 Kyiv Clinical Hospital in Kyiv, where a group of volunteers who work with Dr. Suprun distribute the items .


by Evhenia Olijnyk, Radio Liberty correspondent
English translation by Ulana Zinych

Unseen Battalion

The results of the first sociological research on the presence of women fighters in the Donbas were presented in Kyiv. The title of this research project, “The Unseen Battalion,” is metaphoric and refers to the fact that participation of women in the Ukrainian army is mostly unseen both by the community and by legislators.  Women soldiers are not eligible for a large number of military jobs, have inferior protection, and are constantly forced to dispel stereotypes about their abilities. Yet the researchers are convinced that women are able to fight significantly better than some of their generals—men who place limitations on them.  “The Unseen Battalion” research project involved about 50 interviews with men and women who serve as fighters. Another part of the project dealt with women’s participation in the Euromaidan, especially in the so-called “Women's Hundred,” since soon after the revolution many of its women participants became soldiers.


90th Anniversary of the Founding of the Ukrainian National Women's League of America

90 Banquet

On October 18, 2015 members of UNWLA and their guests celebrated the 90th anniversary of their  prestigious organization with a banquet held at the Ukrainian National Home in New York .It was indeed a festive occasion. Since pictures speak louder than words, we have included photos for all to enjoy.  Photos by UNWLA member Chrystia Syzonenko.

UNWLA receives a gift from NY Self Reliance Credit Union

Marianna Zajac, UNWLA President, accepting a generous contribution from Bohdan Kurczak, President & CEO of Self Reliance New York Credit Union

UNWLA National Board

UNWLA National Board

"90 Years of Energy for the Good of Society”
by Ulana Zinych

The UNWLA is celebrating 90 years of its extensive, multidimensional, humanitarian and educational service which can be described as "90 Years of Energy for the Good of Society".  Since the home of UNWLA is in the United States, much of the organization's work is centered within the US. A shining example of this work, among many other accomplishments, is the creation of the Ukrainian Museum in New York City.  


World Federation of Ukrainian Women's Organizations

Delegates and guests of the annual meeting of the World Federation of Ukrainian Women's organizations held September 3 - 6, 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden. Marianna Zajac, President of UNWLA and Roma Shuhan, 1st Vice President of UNWLA attended the meeting.

World Federation of Ukraine Meeting

UNWLA President, Marianna Zajac, Attends a Meeting with the Newly Appointed Ambassador, Valeriy Chaly.

Meeting with Valery Chaly

UNWLA President received an invitation from the Ukrainian Mission in Washington, D.C to attend a meeting with the newly appointed Ambassador, Valeriy Chaly. The participants listened to the Ambassador’s presentation of his goals as Ambassador while he also touched upon how our diaspora organizations can help in keeping the most current news on Ukraine alive by contacting our representatives. The political, economic and security situations in Ukraine were addressed in summary. The Ambassador also paid special attention to Ukraine’s struggle against Russian aggression and Ukraine’s and diaspora efforts to counter Russia’s information war against Ukraine.


UNWLA War Victims Program


To “Adopt” a family of a deceased Ukrainian soldier please:

Provide financial support to a family

Lend moral support and encouragement to them via letters, messages and/or phone calls

Cost - $1200.00 per year ($300.00 per quarter)

Participate in the program for a minimum of 3 years

To enroll and/or for more information contact:
Lida Bilous, UNWLA National Board Social Welfare Chair or 941-587-8845

Ivanka Olesnycky
UNWLA Nat’l Social Welfare Committee
NJ Region Social Welfare Chair

War devastates lives! Help us rebuild Ukrainian lives!

Aid to Ukrainain Poster


The Ukrainian National Women’s League of America (UNWLA) announces the launching of its humanitarian “Aid to Ukrainian War Victims Program”. Contribute Today! Aid to Ukrainian War Victims Fund

Make checks payable to:  UNWLA War Victims Fund
Mail to:
203 Second Ave, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10003-5706

Contribute via PayPal

Every donation will be applied directly to the “UNWLA Ukrainian War Victims Fund”


UNWLA is the Founder
The Ukrainian Museum in New York City


The Ukrainian Diaspora: Women Artists 1908–2015

October 18, 2015 – February 14, 2016

UNWLA is the main sponsor of the exhibit.


Essay by Adrienne Kochman, Guest Curator

New York, NY October 12, 2015

The Ukrainian Diaspora: Women Artists, 1908-2015 is the first major exhibition to examine the relationship between Ukrainian identity and women artists beyond the borders of geographic Ukraine. It features over 100 works by 44 artists, primarily from North America, where the largest artist population resides, but also from Europe. A majority of the artists belong to the third wave of immigration, after World War II, when the loss of childhood home and country had to be negotiated in a new host land, and where cultural identity, community, and gender roles were redefined and transformed. These artists were either born in Ukraine before the war or born abroad into the 1960s. Also included are artists predating the third immigration wave whose work had matured or was already emerging by the time of World War II, as well as several artists of the post-Soviet-era fourth immigration wave.


Ukrainian Museum

The Ukrainian Museum relies on its members and friends to support its exhibitions, programs, collections conservation, and operations. Learn more about how you can support the Museum.

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